Don W. Dunnington

I read the latest issue of Grace & Peace over the weekend. At a gathering of my colleagues in the School of Theology and Ministry at SNU, I mentioned that it was one of the best collections of articles for ministers in the Church of the Nazarene that I've seen for some time. Congratulations!

Walter S. MacPherson, Jr.

Thank you for this issue of Grace & Peace. I received it in the mail yesterday and read the articles that caught my attention the most last evening. I read all the rest this evening.

Rondy M. Smith, Ed.D.

I have loved the intentional attempt to speak to a younger, contemporary audience...i.e. the smart phone scans in the current issue and even the bobble-heads!

Dr. Janet Smith Williams

Nothing but praises for this issue of Grace & Peace. It’s about time we had a renewal of Wesleyan-Holiness theology. I spent my evening reading the magazine.

Jonathan Phillips

I really enjoy reading G&P magazine. As a Nazarene missionary serving in Romania, it helps by keeping me connected to what is going on at home, as well as giving ideas for ministry here.

R. Lee Ellingson

One of the things I really like -- and it is highlighted in the current (Summer-Fall 2011) issue -- is how G&P seeks to keep us connected to our Wesleyan roots, even as it helps equip us to forge ahead into and beyond post-modernity.

Morton L. Estep

I really am enjoying G & P mag. It is the best mag that is published. I would be willing to pay for this one!! Seriously, the latest edition is great, as have been all the others. We do have a great challenge to both stay true to our Wesleyan-Holiness DNA, and stay relevant to the issues of today.

Pastor Craig Laughlin

Very well done! It is wonderful to see articles that add both depth and breadth to our understanding of holiness.

Pastor Dennis Kidd

I really enjoy Grace and Peace magazine. It is filled with great articles that address current issues that are not only important to the pastor but also to laity as well. I find the articles most refreshing and challenging. Thank you for this great magazine.

Rob Staples

Let me express my appreciation for the magazine, especially the summer/fall 2011 issue.

John Ramsey

After the first issue of Grace and Peace I have looked forward to the others. As a pastor I am often unimpressed with the overt focus on practical/contextual issues at the cost of theological reflection. Grace and Peace is proving to be a good balance between both.

David L. Tobey, MDiv

I find Grace and Peace a wonderful resource for affirming our Nazarene heritage, and our place in the big picture of Christianity without jettisoning that God-called heritage. I really enjoy Grace and Peace, and consider it a great privilege to receive it.

Tom Nees

Bryon, I think you have developed an approach in Grace and Peace that is relevant and interesting.

Meri Janssen-Bond

This issue of Grace and Peace had so much good content. As I read through the 5th issue I was inspired by the content enough to reflect on my faith and who we all are as Christians. I would hope that that is the purpose of any religious publication, but it doesn’t always appear to be.

Sarah E. McGee

My excitement about the Bobble Head collection and the applications for smart phones and other devices is that there is now a tangible and technologically relevant way to reach and share the message of holiness to younger generations that possesses great potential to encourage and inspire.