Worship Across the Racial Divide: An Interview with Gerardo Marti

Gerardo Marti, associate professor of Sociology at Davidson College, says, “In the 1990s, every institution in society was diversifying faster than the local church.”...

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A Practical Guide for Nazarene Worship Leaders

What is worship? What makes worship “Christian”? What should we do in worship, and why? “Worship” is not a uniquely Christian concept; it is a feature of virtually every religious tradition. So is all worship created equal?

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The Worship Style of Phineas Bresee

Phineas Bresee was a pastor almost continuously from age 19 to 71. The only exceptions were three years when he was a Methodist presiding elder (district superintendent)...

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Wesleyan Worship and the Story of God's Grace: An Interview with Paul M. Bassett

Historian Paul M. Bassett says his father, a Nazarene minister, shaped his early perspective of worship. “He had a deep reverence for the work of God in salvation, as well as the gifts of baptism and Communion...

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Considering Congregation Worship: A Panel Discussion Moderated by Dan Copp, Global Clergy Development

In mid-2012, the Center of Worship Arts at Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU) hosted a worship summit attended by a small gathering of pastors, worship leaders, educators, and church leaders from around the country...

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Making Giving Worshipful: A Panel Discussion

In the scope of a Sunday morning worship experience, the act of giving is a relatively small segment. Ushers are called, musicians play, and the offering plate passes in just a few seconds. Shave a few centuries off the experience, and the offering...

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ARTICLE: Worship Across the Racial Divide


ARTICLE: A Practical Guide for Nazarene Worship Leaders


ARTICLE: The Worship Style of Phineas Bresee


ARTICLE: Wesleyan Worship and the Story of God's Grace


ARTICLE: Considering Congregational Worship


ARTICLE: Making Giving Worshipful


Featured Articles

  • The Pastor as Worship Leader

    the-pastor-as-worship-leaderTo lead God’s people in true worship the pastor must be a [person] of personal devotion and holiness. If [they have] lived superficially all week, [they] will be superficial and empty before [their] congregation on Sunday. To be a true worship leader you must have a regular quiet time each day, early or late, when you personally worship God in Scripture, in devotional reading, and in prayer.
    by: William M. Greathouse

  • Preaching as Worship

    preaching-as-worshipThe end of all preaching is worship. Preaching at its best is not persuasion, explanation, or even theological enlightenment; it is the symbolism of words translated by the Holy Spirit into worship of the Triune God.
    by: Darius L. Salter

  • Q&A: A Pastor's Perspective on Worship with Craig Laughlin

    pastors-perspective-on-worshipA Pastor's Perspective on Worship with Craig Laughlin
    by: Grace & Peace Magazine

  • My So-Called Clergy Life: Humorous Observations on the Care and Feeding of Souls - Put Your Hands in the Air!

    You can tell a lot about a church by the way they use their hands in worship. In fact, you could blindfold me so I couldn’t see the name of the church you’re taking me to, then take the blindfold off when we got in the sanctuary, and I could tell you what church we’re in by the way folks use their hands in worship.
    by: Mark Hollingsworth

  • Designing Worship With Purpose

    desining-worship-with-purposeWORSHIP: we all have ideas about it, what it should be, what it should not be, what counts as worship, and what does not. Worship is often a hard word to define, as it means many things to people, depending on the tradition from which they come, the places where they feel they best connect with God, and their own life experiences.
    by: Heather Daugherty

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Olivet Nazarene University – Fruin Holiness Conference


The Heart of Holiness – Compassion and the Holy Life
February 25-27, 2014

Conference Description
The ONU “Pastor Appreciation Days” event sought to explore the relationship between holiness and compassion, and how compassion is not a peripheral activity of service or generosity, but part of the essential expression of holiness. Several workshops were offered on a variety of topics related to holiness and compassion.


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2014 WTS Plenary Panel Discussion

The Wesley Center held their 2014 conference on the campus of Northwest Nazarene University, and then joined with the...

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